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Wellness Tips


If you're not careful, these simple movements or daily routines can end up hurting. Be sure to do these simple activities correctly as outlined below:

Standing Proper posture. Proper posture. Proper posture.  Don’t slouch and keep your chin up. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes if you know that you are going to be standing for long periods of time.

Working at a Desk Be sure to get up every 20 minutes to stretch.  The quality of chair is also extremely important.  It’s a proper fit when your back touches the chair and your feet are on the floor with the knees at a 90 degree angle.  Your computer should be at eye level.  Avoid looking down for extended periods of time.

Sitting Make sure your chair is firm and supportive.  Be sure to get up from your desk and stretch every 20 minutes when you are forced to sit for a long period of time, for instance at a desk job.  Sit with your feet firmly on the floor with your back against the chair.  Refrain from crossing your legs.

Lifting Picking things up causes the most common injury.  Twisting or pulling in the wrong direction when you're not stretched out can have a damaging effect on muscles and the spine, even if it is a light object. Always bend at the knees and try to avoid lifting anything you know is too heavy.

Overall Physical Activity Make sure that you are adequately stretched out and warmed up if you know that you are going to be playing or working for a while.  It's easy to pull something if you're not warmed up even if it’s something mild like pushing your child on a bike or gardening.

Talking On The Telephone A speaker or a headset is a must if you’re forced to use the telephone for long periods of time.  Try to avoid cradling the phone between your neck and your shoulder as this may cause you to damage the vertebrae or muscles in that area.

Resting or Sleeping Straining your back or neck while sleeping is a very common occurrence.  At times, we may fall asleep in strange positions where we’re not supported properly or our necks are at odd angles.  Always be sure to remain in a supportive position if you are going to nap or watch TV in bed.

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